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Encourage Healthy Fun for Kids in Your Store!

Our thirty six varieties of organic vegetable seeds and interactive, educational book are ideal for retailers looking to appeal to mindful parents and grandparents who would like their kids more engaged with healthy outdoor activities. Our product focus is on timely topics like the environment, kids health, and growing healthy food.

Interactive books (each with a pack of carrot seeds) retail for $19.95. The MSRP for our seed packs is $2.95. Items have UPC codes and pricing.

We offer several retail display options pictured below. ALL our stands come with a motion activated demo phone pre-loaded with our fee app. This allows buyers to see for themselves how the characters on our seed packs and in our book come to LIFE using our free app!

Seed pack and book re-fills for your stand can easily be ordered as needed - see below. For seeds, you decide which varieties and how many six packs of each you need.

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Using our Free app, Powerful Plants characters come to life on each pack!
Wire Rack Display Tabletop Displays
Interactive Books Seed Refills (6 packs)
Using our Free app, Powerful Plants characters come to life after answering educational questions from the book!
Please access your account page for seed pack re-fill information and discount schedule.